Revealed: silliest holiday complaints (the sand's too hot, for one...)

Simone Kane

Fabulous food, well-staffed hotels, a comfortable bed... These are things you'd think would make us happy on holiday. But they're all sources of holiday complaints for British holidaymakers, who just can't stop themselves moaning.

According to the customer service department of online travel agency, these are just some of the strange causes for complaint from holidaymakers in 2010:

'The sand's too hot.' One holidaymaker was upset that the sand was so hot in Lanzarote that her children couldn't walk on it.

'The food tastes too nice' A man complained because he couldn't stop himself eating the all-inclusive buffet and put on five pounds.

'No one told us we needed our passports' This grumble came from two women who left their passports at home when arriving at the airport for a trip to Dubai.

'The women look too good in their bikinis' Let's all feel sorry for the poor guy who couldn't keep his eyes off the bikini-clad women in Majorca and consequently fell out with his wife.

'There are too many English people here' A couple on holiday in Turkey were annoyed that there were too many Brits people in Marmaris. And their own nationality? British.

'The bed's too comfy' A man holidaying in Portugal complained that he couldn't make the most of his time enjoying the resort because his bed was too comfortable and he constantly overslept.

'There's always someone at the reception desk' Normally hotel receptions are rapped for a lack of staff - but one group of young adults complained that they felt 'judged' by staff when they came in late and would have preferred an unmanned desk.

'The fake sunglasses are fake' A man who paid €4.50 for a pair of Prada shades, then complained that they were fakes.

'I'm under pressure to have sex' Noisy night-time antics in neighbouring hotel rooms are a common problem. But one man was upset that he felt 'pressured' to have sex with his wife in order to keep up with the Jones's in the room next door.

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