Petrol prices hit £6 a gallon mark

The cost of fuel has now hit £6 a gallon for the first time in history, and could be set to rise even higher.

Rocketing oil costs have helped push the average price up to by seven pence a litre this year alone to 132.12p a litre, while diesel is even higher at 137.92p, or £6.27 a gallon. Some stations are charging way above this though, with some drivers paying as much as 149.9p for a litre of diesel.
The AA has said this new landmark is a significant one.

"This £6 a gallon is not simply another milestone along the road to higher fuel prices," said AA president Edmund King. "It marks the point at which the wheels start to come off mobility in 21st-century UK."

Figures from The AA show that a two-car family has seen their petrol costs rocket by almost £38 a month in just a year. Petrol cost 114.30p in March last year, while diesel was 115.31p.

"Lower-income drivers, poorer rural residents, volunteer drivers and youngsters looking to their first jobs are some of the vulnerable groups struggling to stay on the road," Mr King added.

"Middle East troubles have brought matters to a head but the writing has been on the wall for months and only now are the government and business analysts taking notice."

Mr King has urged Chancellor George Osborne to cut the penny a litre rise in fuel duty that is planned for the Budget on 23 March, while others have called for the VAT rate rise on fuel to be reversed.

The Road Haulage Association has said that a freeze in fuel duty is the least Osborne can do, saying: "If the Chancellor is still in two minds over any decision to announce a freeze on fuel duty on 23r March, surely the decision has now been taken out of his hands. There must be a freeze and a long term solution must be found."
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