The Chevrolet Orlan-doh

Commuters in London were faced with the bizarre sight of a life-sized Chevrolet Orlando made entirely out of Play-Doh this morning.

The bright blue creation took a team of eight model makers two weeks to complete, and weighed a total of 1.5 tonnes. It was 'parked' in Clerkenwell all day yesterday, and will be going on display at Lakeside shopping centre from tomorrow until Sunday.
The sculpture was created to celebrate the result of a survey that named Play-Doh as the country's favourite nostalgic toy, just ahead of Lego and the humble Kinder Egg.

At Autoblog UK we always preferred Lego as you could use it to make cars and trucks. We never achieved something on the scale of this Play-Doy creation, but at least our Lego-based efforts were better for staging epic Grands Prix around the living room and didn't leave little flaky bits of modelling gunk in the carpet.
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