Revealed: the world's smelliest holiday destinations

Following the debate in Malawi about whether breaking wind in public should be a criminal offence, flight company Skyskanner got its nose pegs at the ready, and braved some smelly holiday hotspots to reveal the stinkiest destinations in the world.

From 'rancid onions' to suffocating sewage systems, here are the top five...

Cancun, Mexico
It might be a party honeypot for Americans, but stinking wafts emanating from sewers near hotels is a common occurrence in Cancun.

Venice, Italy
Summer loving? Summer heaving might be more appropriate! The beautiful city on the water gets particularly smelly in the summer - the city's sewage system pumps waste directly into the canals and the hot weather can bring out some unusual aromas.

Rotorua, New Zealand
Rotten eggs, anyone? The spectacular geothermal hot springs near Rotorua on New Zealand's North Island are a major pull with tourists. However, visitors to the geysers are welcomed with an overpowering stench of rotten eggs. The smell is a result of the hydrogen sulphide emissions from the springs. Well, it's not nicknamed 'Sulphur City' for nothing.

St Helen Auckland, County Durham
Visitors to the small village of St Helen Auckland are being reduced to tears due to a local farm whose produce has made the village smell of "rancid onions". Some complain that the odour is so bad that they cannot leave their homes or even open their windows.

Cote-D'Or, France
This region in eastern France is home to one of the world's smelliest cheeses, the Epoisses de Bourgogne. The cheese is so stinky that it's banned from public transport.

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