Pothole repair bill could hit £1bn

The repair bill for cars damaged by the nation's potholes could hit £1bn this year, according to experts, with motorists shelling out as much as £3m every day.

The average cost of repair work on cars that have suffered thanks to the nation's shoddy road surfaces is £312, but could go as high as £4,000 on occasions.
Research carried out by potholes.co.uk and parent company Warranty Direct showed that nearly six percent of vehicles suffered damage to their suspension or axles as a result of poor road quality, while six percent also suffered on their tyres and wheels.

Figures from potholes.co.uk showed that potholes are on the rise this year as well, with 39 percent more reported in February 2011 than 12 months ago.

Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, said: "Unless something more is done soon, we'll be faced with a road network that would be more at home in a Third World country.

"Whether it's the cumulative effect of continuously driving on bad roads or the sudden jolting of a deep pothole which does the harm, our crumbling roads are costing motorists millions."

McClure Fisher added: "The recent council injection of £100 million will not solve matters. Councils need to wise up and get creative about how to address the problem.

"Back in December, we predicted that a gloomy combination of a very cold winter, huge underfunding and mediocre repairs to roads could potentially lead to the worst ever pothole season – unfortunately our forecast was largely correct."
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