Who'd be a rally photographer with Petter Solberg about?

His flamboyence and expertise are renowned throughout the world of rallying but even Petter Solberg can give himself - and others - a fright when you least expect it, as our video shows.

The second round of the 2011 World Rally Championship saw the teams move from the frozen roads of Sweden to the heat and dust of Mexico where the ambient temperatures and altitudes provide as much of a challenge as the rock-strewn gravel roads.
On day two, Solberg was flying and and had already taken four stage wins before he lined up for SS17, Derramadero. About half way through the 23km stage, he came to a flying jump after a sharp right-hand corner.

You'll have to watch the video below to see what happened next but Solberg was grinning like a madman when interviewed at the end of the stage. However, we can't help but think the photographer in the firing line might have viewed it all a bit differently.

"Ay ay ay, big moment!" he said. Nice one, Petter.

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