Video: Supercharged 998cc Austin Metro

Petrol is edging closer to £2 a gallon and the government are looking at alternative fuels, so what better to bring a smile to your face than the sound of a supercharged 1.0-litre Austin Metro.

Probably the most unlikely car to receive the supercharger treatment, after all apart from the wild Group B MG Metro 6R4, the rest of the Metro range was considered a bit rubbish.
Possibly a mod for Autoblog's resident Metro owner, Richard Bremner, the M45 Eaton supercharger usefully improves on the standard car's 45bhp. In fact, with an estimated 100-120bhp and its sheddy looks, it could be the ultimate street sleeper and I'd love to see the faces of more modern machinery when the owner screams by.

Enjoy the video below.

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