Air passenger breaks into cargo hold through the toilet - and steals $238k

Katy Holland

A passenger on a Caribbean flight has stolen US $238,000 (nearly £150,000) from the cargo hold by breaking in through the aircraft's toilet.

The man, who has not been named, reportedly told staff on the Air Antilles plane he was feeling unwell and spent most of the flight locked in the toilet - giving him time to remove the panels separating the toilet from the cargo hold. He then stole the money which had been deposited inside.

A Brink's security employee, who was also on the flight, had placed three sacks of money holding a total of $1.6million in the hold of the aircraft before it took off from the French island of Guadeloupe, Fox News reported.

The money was discovered as missing when the plane landed on Saint Martin, just 40 minutes later.

According to witnesses, the thief asked a flight attendant for an ambulance to meet him on landing, but claimed he felt better after the ambulance arrived - leaving him free to depart the airport without going through the usual security checks, said police.

A woman travelling with him was questioned, but did not have any of the missing money.

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