Ferrari again renames Formula One car

Ferrari has tweaked the name of its 2011 car for a second time as a legal dispute with Ford ends.

American carmaker Ford, owning the "F-150" trademark for one of its full-size pickup truck models, launched legal action after Ferrari called its new formula one car F150.
Ferrari, however, responded by saying F150 was merely an abbreviation for the full name F150th Italia, in celebration of this year's anniversary of Italian unification.

Ford announced on Friday that it had called off the legal action but did not say why.

Some hours later, Ferrari admitted that it has now also dropped the 'F' prefix from the designation.

In Ferrari's always-cynical 'Horse Whisperer' website column, the team said it made the tweak "in order to avoid the slightest risk of anyone confusing a formula one car with a pickup truck".

"Let's hope the matter is now definitely closed," added the unnamed columnist, "and that we can concentrate on more serious matters".

Ford ends Ferrari legal action

The American carmaker had filed the action after Ferrari called its 2011 car the F150, in tribute of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

But F-150 is a trademarked model of Ford's famous series of full-size pickup trucks.

Ferrari has since renamed the 2011 car 'F150th Italia'.

Ford on Friday confirmed that it has filed a notice with the US District Court in Detroit for dismissal of the case.

"We are pleased we were able resolve this issue amicably," a Ford spokeswoman told the Detroit Free Press.

"This resolution ensures that Ford's famous and distinctive F-150 trademark will be protected," she added.
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