Hamilton and Button go astray

The new season has not even got off the mark yet, but Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are already looking round for challenges elsewhere. This time, it's an excursion into NASCAR racing and the Supercar series. Which raises the question of whether they are a tad disenchanted with the current state of the McLaren car?
Anyway, Hamilton is expected to swap cockpits with two-time NASCAR champ Tony Stewart this summer. The American will be wheeling his Chevy Impala out of the garage, and in return, will have the chance to complete a few laps in Hamilton's F1 car from the 2010 season. Sounds like fun for both of them.

Hamilton and Stewart already made each other's acquaintance while filming a TV commercial and exchanged a few pleasantries. "How is anyone supposed to drive that?" asked the McLaren man. "What is it anyway? It looks like a tin can." The American replied in equally glowing terms: "You can't even see over the steering wheel. It makes you look like a twelve-year-old."

But perhaps a more fascinating issue to be resolved is whether Tony Stewart will wriggle his way in a Formula One cockpit? In the States, they call him 'the Fatman' on account of his corpulent frame. Built like bull, that Stewart. Once upon a time, he would climb up the fence to celebrate a victory. More recently, however, he has given the Spiderman routine a rest. Probably a good thing for all concerned.
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