Bahrain Grand Prix set for the end of the season

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is set to reschedule the postponed Bahrain Grand Prix for the end of the season, and is confident the race will be able to take place in the troubled country.

Ecclestone has ruled out staging the race in August due to the high summer temperatures in Bahrain, but could engineer a swap with one of the other dates in the calendar.
"I'm hoping beyond hope things settle peacefully and we find a slot later in the year," Ecclestone told BBC Sport. "If there is peace in Bahrain then we will be there, we will find a way."

The F1 supremo feels that things are already improving in the country, citing the lessening of media interest in Bahrain, saying: "You never see anything about Bahrain on TV now."

There is a chance the race could become the penultimate one in the calendar, with Ecclestone saying: "We'll have a look and see what we can do, how we can swap things round. Maybe we can change with Brazil, something like that."

This could then have several knock-on effects, with the end of the season stretching beyond its scheduled 20 November finish date. The Bahrain race would slot in between the Abu Dhabi and Brazil dates, with Brazil being shunted on a week.

The decision will be taken on Tuesday, with the World Motorsport Council of the FIA, the sport's governing body, due to meet in Paris on that day.

Ecclestone also insists that the decision to let the Crown Prince decide whether to go ahead with the race or not was the correct one, and the right outcome was reached.

"The person who runs the country was the right person to decide, and I'm sure he made the right decision," he said.

"Whether it would have given the opportunity for more unrest or not I don't know but I'd hate to have had it happen that we were the cause for people getting a lot more publicity by sabotaging F1."

The cancellation reportedly cost Formula 1 management as much as £25m.
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