Alonso: Speed limit is a yawn

The fact that Formula One drivers don't dawdle on the highway should not come as a surprise to anyone. When they are away from the racetrack, they still like to put their foot down – and always, of course, within the legal speed limit...
So Fernando Alonso obviously wasn't too impressed with the Spanish government's recent decision to impose a 110kph restriction on the motorways. "It will be hard to stay awake," quipped the two-time world champion. Not everyone got the joke. Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba retorted: "In the USA, they have a maximum speed of 110, and no-one nods off there while they are driving."

But America isn't exactly known for producing successful Formula One drivers. Seven of the contestants in last year's competition came from Germany where the Autobahns are still mainly unrestricted. Sebastian Vettel thinks he has discovered the recipe for success: "Maybe the other countries should consider abolishing their speed limits." Keep your hair on, Alfredo. Seb was just joking.
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