Kia hails the Top Gear effect

Kia has started to see the benefits of supplying the BBC programme with the latest "Reasonably priced car", which sees a host of celebrities thrash a Ceed around the famous track each week.

"Top Gear has really worked for us. Perhaps we were a little nervous at first but Top Gear has got our car in front of millions of people," said Benny Oeyen, marketing vice president for Kia Motors Europe.
"It also shows exactly what the car is - dynamic, reliable and reasonably priced. It's also a programme that goes right around the world. Top Gear is popular in so many countries."

The company supplies three cars to the popular motoring show, and faces a race each week to make sure that they are kept in top working order. Any maintenance on the cars must be done between Thursday and Tuesday to allow for filming on the Wednesday.

The benefits are clear to the company though, as Kia's UK head of public relations, Steve Kitson said: "Who wouldn't want Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise driving your cars on television?"

Indeed, especially if they are as rapid around the track as the Hollywood pair.
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