Tui agrees to pay compensation for 'hotel from hell'

Simone Kane

Parent company of Thomson and First Choice – Tui UK – has agreed to pay compensation to 138 people who became ill while staying in a hotel in Bulgaria.

The tourists have been battling with the holiday giant for five years over their 'holidays from hell', but a settlement was reached at the last minute, before a court case was due to start.

When heavy rain flooded the ground-floor of the four-star Riu Miramar in Obzor flooded in July 2006, guests were forced to walk through mud and silt and claimed they had frogs for company.

Poor food hygiene and an inability to wash or flush the toilets were also said to contribute to guests falling seriously ill. Their complaints to reps, they said, fell on deaf ears.

TUI brands Thomson, First Choice and Thomson Airways have followed competitor Thomas Cook and introduced surcharges in an attempt to claw back rising fuel costs. Whereas Thomas Cook introduced new prices with immediate effect, the TUI brands are not imposing their supplements until 4 March.

So you'd better get booking, now!

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