Geneva motor show: Toyota Yaris HSD concept

While the FT86 II might be the most attractive car on the Toyota stand, the Yaris hybrid is the one taking the centre stage.

Presented as just a concept for the time being, it is very close to production and set to become a reality in about 12 months' time.
There are no official statistics for the emissions and fuel economy yet, but Toyota says it will be 'class leading', suggesting it will be around 85g/km, and possibly lower given the Prius is currently at 89g/km.

A spokesman for Toyota said the Yaris HSD will use the same style of engine as the Prius and Auris hybrid, but will most likely use a smaller capacity engine than the bigger cars, which both use a 1.8-litre engine.

The concept also previews the look for the next Yaris, which is set to launch by September this year. The hybrid version will follow six months later, and will arrive by March 2012.
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