Courteney Cox chills out in Hawaii

Katy Holland

Bikini-clad Courteney Cox is looking relaxed and happy... and who can blame her? She's in Hawaii, shooting scenes for her new TV comedy, Cougar Town.

The star jetted off to Oahu earlier this week with her co-star Brian Van Holt, with whom she is rumoured to be having a new relationship.

Courtney is currently separated from her husband David Arquette, who recently appeared on Oprah to talk about their split. He said he hoped for a reconciliation but emphasised that he wanted her 'to be happy'.

And Courtney looks just that. Oahu is certainly a great place to find happiness: think long stretches of glorious white sand and clear blue waters and year-round sunshine. If you fancy joining the lovely CC, don't miss these hotel deals.

But before you do that, check out our picture gallery of celebs on holiday!

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