Stacey Solomon won't be eating this Beetle

Former X Factor finalist and queen of the jungle Stacey Solomon now has the wheels to back up her claim to being celebrity royality - a cream Volkswagen Beetle convertible with a massive crown on the bonnet and doors.

21-year-old Solomon, who won the last series of 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', picked up the aptly-named £20,000 car from her local Volkswagen dealership but clearly felt that it needed a little something to set it apart.
She also set out to prove the maxim that all the world's a stage true by stopping at a petrol station in five-inch heels on the way home to fill the car up whilst feigning ignorance of the clamouring paparazzi around her.

The 'Dagenham diva', as she is known in certain circles, has enjoyed mixed success since her X Factor days but is clearly still content to dine off her IACGMOOH victory. After all those bugs and creepy-crawlies she had to munch her way through to get there, we'd probably say she has earned it.

Stacey might have been able to score a hefty discount on her 'new' Beetle - the current car, a reimagining of the iconic original from the Sixties, has been on sale for 13 years now.

A second generation model has been in development for some time, and could be a surprise addition to the Volkswagen stand at the Geneva motor show.

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