Morgan's crazy new Threewheeler to cost £30,000

Morgan has revealed in-depth details of its whacky new Threewheeler, which will cost from around £30,000 when it goes on sale in May.

Although not formally launched until the Geneva Motor Show, the two-seater creation has already proved a hit for the Worcestershire-based company; it claims as many as 330 people have already put down a deposit.
The car has been created as a fusion of old and new according to Morgan, with the old-school looks combining with modern technology. This includes a five-speed gearbox from the Mazda MX-5, and a modern 1.9-litre twin-valve engine from specialist builders S and S.

The bullet-like shape of the car is said to allow two passengers and a holdall to squeeze in, and is engineered to give the occupants the sensation of flying. The leather interior and aviation-style instruments add to the aircraft feel of the car.

There are no performance statistics for the Threewheeler just yet, as it has not headed out on test. However it is estimated the 115bhp engine will take it to around 125mph.

Check out this offical trailer for the new Morgan Threewheeler below.

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