Low-cost flights make list of top 10 innovations of the decade

Roshina Jowaheer

According to a new survey, us Brits think cheap air travel has made one of the biggest positive impacts on our lives since the millennium.

It seems that low-cost flight companies like easyJet and Ryanair have been giving the public what they want as budget air travel has been voted the ninth most innovative service of the past decade, according to a study by The Foundation.

2,243 people over 18 in the UK took part and were asked to choose the best and worst innovations out of a list of 47 that had contributed to their lives.

Home broadband topped the list with over half the voters giving it top ranking. Online shopping came second and Google made third place.

When asked the reasons for their choices, most voters said usefulness and saving time.

Other travel services that voters chose from were Oyster cards, online airport check-in and electric cars, but these were some of the least favoured innovations by Britons.

The top 10 innovations of the decade in full were:

1. Home broadband
2. Online shopping
3. Google
4. Chip and pin
5. Digital cameras/photography
6. Online comparison sites
7. Community recycling
8. Health labelling on foods (e.g. traffic lights)
9. Low-cost air travel
10. Consumer GPS/Sat-Nav

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