London worst for parking costs and wrongly issued tickets

Londoners are getting hit hardest in the pocket when it comes to parking their cars, and are also being receiving the most falsely issued tickets.

The capital's drivers pay as much as £4.40 to park on the street in Westminster, but this doesn't stop over-zealous parking attendants issuing tens of thousands of tickets incorrectly. Of those that appealed against their parking tickets, an astonishing 87 percent were let off their punishment.
This number could have been even higher, as just 3.18 percent of the 687,795 ticketed motorists appealed in 2008/09, with 19,007 of these being excused their fine.

Motorists stand less of a chance in other cities, with Coventry the second most likely to let you off a fine, where 77 percent of appeals were successful. However, with just 0.49 percent of tickets contested, this amounts to just 115 happy drivers. Hull came in third, with 73 percent of appealers' claims upheld, but this amounted to just 62 drivers.

The worst city to get a parking ticket (or perhaps the one with the best wardens) appears to be Stoke, where just 22 percent - or eight drivers - were exonerated. However, this could be boosted if more motorists contested their fines, as only 0.14 percent chose to appeal.

The research, run by Which? magazine, also showed the disparity between the cost of leaving your vehicle in a car park. Again London's were shown to be the priciest, with an hour stay costing up to £5.50, and four hours costing a whopping £18.

Manchester was shown to be the next most expensive, but with street parking up to £2.20 an hour, car parks as much as £3.30 an hour and £13.20 an hour, it was shown to still be a long way behind London.

Motorists in Bradford get off the lightest, paying just 70p for an hour's street parking and 80p for the use of a car park.

City council One hour, on-street One hour, car park Four hours, car park

London (Westminster) £4.40 £5.50 £18
Manchester £2.20 £3.30 £13.20
Edinburgh £2.00 £2.50 £8.90
Leeds £2.60 £2.00 £7.80
Nottingham £1.40 £3.10 £6.00
Liverpool £2.00 £1.70 £6.80
Glasgow £2.40 £1.00 £6.00
Sheffield £1.60 £1.50 £6.00
Stoke £2.20 £1.30 £5.20
Bristol £2.00 £1.60 £5.20
Cardiff £1.50 £3.00 £4.00
Coventry £0 £3.00 £5.00
Birmingham £2.60 £1.00 £4.30
Southampton £2.00 £1.40 £4.20
Plymouth £1.00 £1.20 £4.80
Leicester £1.70 £1.40 £4.10
Hull £1.30 £1.00 £4.10
Wolverhampton £1.50 80p £4.00
Belfast £1.00 £1.00 £4.00
Bradford 70p 80p £3.50
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