GT Academy returns for a third season

For a third year Nissan and Sony are joining forces to run the GT Academy. If you're not familiar with it the premise is simple: become really good at Gran Turismo 5, beat (almost literally) the rest of the world and become a real racing driver.

From March 4th - April 17th players from 10 European countries will be able to compete in stages online for one of 20 places in their territory's live final. From there, two will earn places at an intensive 'race camp' at the Silverstone race circuit.
Race Camp's eventual winner will then be trained in various high-speed Nissan cars like the 370Z and the fearsome GTR. Eventually they'll compete in a series of national races until they qualify for an international race license which will grant them entry to the Dubai 24 Hour International race.

They'll be driving a fearsome Nissan 370Z GT4 racer and, if former GT academy winners Lucas Ordoñez and Jordan Tresson are anything to go by, will go on to have a great racing career.

The GT academy has a celebrity fan in the form of F1 pundit, Eddie Jordan, who wholeheartedly backed the Silverstone event: "This has been extraordinary, I have been absolutely blown away. I could not believe that these gamers, with no experience of racing cars, could do this. They really are great drivers, all of them, and they can be rightly proud of what they have achieved. I know that they have all had an amazing experience that will stay with them forever."

The 10 countries competing are grouped into six territories which are: 1. Germany and Austria; 2. France and Switzerland; 3. UK and Ireland; 4. Spain and Portugal; 5. Italy; 6. the Netherlands.

If you want to try your luck, click here to sign up for news and exclusive info about the competition – good luck!
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