Revival of the Redcoat: Butlins goes retro

Think Butlins, think Redcoat – it's etched in our psyche. But the holiday company has just announced that it is marking its big anniversary year with a new Redcoat uniform design (pictured above) inspired by the original from 1936.

'Butlins has a special place in the hearts of the British public, so a much-loved retro uniform is a great way to celebrate our wonderful heritage,' says Butlins director Richard Bates.

Details such as black piping on the lapel and gold buttons on the jacket recall the Redcoat of the holiday camp's heydey. Female staff will also wear white pleated skirts, socks and pumps, while the men will don pressed white trousers.

But it's not all about looking back. Owner Bourne Leisure has spent £34 million on its three resorts in time for its anniversary year. They will reopen on 18 February – ready for half-term – and staff will be showing off their new uniforms.

'The economic downturn saw many British families taking staycations in the UK and so far for 2011, Butlins' sales are up £2 million on last year,' says Bates.

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