The world's top five strangest saunas

With the recent opening of the Sauna Tram near Milan, flights comparison site Skyscanner reveals five places where fans of getting hot and steamy can do so in the most unusual places... from sauna ski lifts to submarine saunas!

Sauna tram
Once zipping along the streets of Milan, this tram now sits on its own pair of rails in a spa complex in Northern Italy. Decked out in wood-panelled walls, 'commuters' can strip down and get sweaty in the luxurious surroundings.

Sauna ski lift
Go skiing at Finnish resort Ylläs and you don't just get to enjoy an exhilarating ski ride down, but also a relaxing sauna ride up! A specially adapted sauna gondola ski lift has been created allowing punters to sweat their way up the slopes.

Submarine sauna
Floating saunas are already a common sight on the lakes of Scandinavia but Swedish company Nordic Marine Living has created a sauna which allows guests to bathe in steam whilst watching the fishes glide by. The ingenious invention has a floating platform with a hut on top, and a sauna capsule below. Power floodlights illuminate the depths creating a dreamy sauna experience.

Sauna bus
Take one big red bus, input a wood burning stove, chimney and some firewood, and hey presto – you have the Sauna Bus! This Estonian invention drives wherever you want it to go, then sets up sauna shop for a private steam experience. Accommodating up to five people at once, the bus also has a comfy seating area, and for a little extra, a hot tub can also be hired.

Portable sauna
Fans of perspiring don't have to leave their living rooms for a sauna; instead they can bring the steam to them. The snappily named Precision Therapy Portable Far Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Heater and Negative Ion is basically a large zip-up bag that you get in to and sweat in. Taking just one minute to set up, the Finns are so enamoured that even the Olympic team are reported to take these portable saunas with them when competing abroad.

Our local leisure centre sauna willl never feel the same again!
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