Porsche Panamera Hybrid revealed

Porsche's halo saloon has been given its green credentials with this – the Panamera Hybrid.

The Panamera shares the Cayenne SUV's engine, so it uses a modified 3.0-litre, supercharged V6 mated to a 44bhp electric engine. Which means it's got plenty of power - 380bhp to be precise.

That pace is enough to propel it to 60mph in 6.0s and then on to 168mph. Now, for a Porsche that might be pretty standard but while it's doing all that it's also emitting 159g/km CO2. So, to go over it again – 168mph and 159g/km CO2.

That's quite impressive and should make company car drivers a little happier because it's below the government's 160g/km threshold which means more of the car's cost can be written off. Even more pleasing to Porsche is that the Panamera is also cleaner than its diesel-powered rivals from BMW and Jaguar.

Another interesting feature is the nickel metal hydride battery that can keep the Panamera going until it hits 37mph when the V6 kicks in and which, while working with the battery, keeps the car accelerating.

If you've got your eyes on one of Porsche's new green machines you can pick one up from June when the Panamera Hybrid S will set you back £86,146 and the four wheel drive 4S around £3k more.

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