Audi celebrates 80 years of the DKW F1

The slogan 'Vorsprung durch Technik' has been around for ages, but would you believe that it was first used by Audi 40 years ago today?

So where did it all start? Well, you have to look back a further 40 years to when DKW, one of the companies that became Audi, launched its F1 model back in 1931.

The F1 is an interesting car and without it there probably wouldn't be Audi models such as the awesome R8 V10. This DKW was the first volume front-drive car and possibly the saving grace for Audi as the brand was suffering financially in the face of tough competition from American rivals.

Developed in just six weeks, it was designed around the water cooled DKW twin-cylinder motorcycle engine and a lightweight steel chassis. Unveiled at the 1931 Frankfurt Motor Show, the car soon became a sales success and by the time production finished in 1942 a whopping 270,000 had found homes.

DKW's front-drive cars were the basis of the recovery of the Auto Union brand, with 887,000 cars produced between 1949 and 1966 when the new Audi range was launched.

Click on the video to see more of Audi's fascinating development.

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