McLaren MP4-12C outpaces 458 Italia and iconic F1

McLaren has finally revealed all the vital statistics behind the new MP4-12C, and the numbers confirm the car is even quicker than legendary F1.

The British firm set out to lay down new performance benchmarks with the supercar, and the figures will make for eye-watering reading among the engineers at Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The confirmed date released by McLaren today shows that the 12C catapults from 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds with the optional performance tyre pack, and hits 124mph in an astonishing 8.9 seconds - half a second quicker than the F1.

Of course the nineties record breaker was capable of hitting 243mph - the 12C tops out at 205mph - but it's an astonishing achievement considering the latest car is on sale for £168,500 compared to the £540,000 price tag McLaren attached to the F1 when it was released in 1994.

Comparisons to the F1 are inevitable, but the 12C's real competitor is the Ferrari 458 Italia. A side-by-side glance at the stats show that here too the British supercar has the edge.

First of all the twin turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine develops 592bhp at 7,000rpm compared to 570bhp at 9,000rpm for Ferrari's 4.5-litre V8. The torque delivery is even more impressive - 443lb ft opposed to 398lb ft.

The McLaren is also around 50kg lighter than the 458 at 1,434kg, which means its power-to-weight ratio (the best barometer of all round performance) is also superior at 455bhp per ton.

But the contest isn't limited to brute force. McLaren says its key targets in the segment also included the lowest CO2 output, best fuel consumption and highest performing brakes.

Consequently the 12C will deliver all of its game-changing figures while only emitting 279g/km CO2 and, driven conservatively, will return 24.2mpg.

If those figures are a tribute to McLaren's attention to detail, the braking stats are a reflection of its towering technical ability. The 12C will go from 62mph to 0 in just 100ft.

So it's good then. Probably better than good. And if that little lot hasn't sparked your interest, then click below to watch the epic video McLaren has published alongside the stats.

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