Fly 'Cuddle Class': the latest concept in longhaul flying

Katy Holland

Aah, how romantic. Air New Zealand has introduced a new concept for long haul economy passengers desperate for a bit of shut eye: 'Cuddle Class'.

The idea is that if you're travelling as a couple or with a child, you buy your two seats and then purchase the third in your row at a significantly reduced fee (these vary, depending on the season, but can work out at under half price). The armrests fully recess and the foot rests rise to the same level with your seat, filling the space between your row and the back of the seats in front of you so that you can stretch out flat. Great, as long as you're not too tall or fat - and you're happy to cuddle up close.

Air New Zealand calls them Skycouches, and 20 of them are available on their newest plane, a Boeing 777-300-ER which will fly between Auckland, Los Angeles and London from April. The airline says that if the concept takes off, it'll roll out onto other aircraft.

So far it's all looking very positive. There have already been lots of bookings, and more than 20 other airlines have contacted them to license their 'Cuddle Class' concept. So watch this space!

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Will this idea take off? Do you fancy flying Cuddle Class? We want your opinions!