More surgery for Kubica as Heidfeld prepares for Renault test

F1 driver Robert Kubica still requires more surgery as he continues to recover from his injuries sustained in a rallying accident in Italy last weekend.

The doctor treating the Renault driver is pleased with progress but said another operation was planned to work on Kubica's injured elbow. The immediate concern after the accident was with saving the driver's right hand which had been partially severed and then to focus on the broken bones in his right arm and leg.

It had not been possible to perform all the surgery required in one operation but Dr Francesca Lanza was pleased with developments.

"I'd say that, with its complexity it has gone well," Dr Lanza told "It was possible to reduce the fractures of the shoulder and the humerus's diaphysis which had broken again under the plate that had been placed there seven years ago. A new, longer plate has been placed which covers both fractures, along with some bone grafts and bone stimulators.

"The elbow section was still left to be done, and that's a very complex part, the most complex to face...conditions don't allow to tackle a patient for so long just four or five days after receiving intensive care for serious general complications, so we have to go easy.

"We need to be thankful to our anesthetists for allowing us to complete at least this complex part thanks to their support...We will then face this last surgery operation on the olecranon, after which I'd say we will finally be finished with surgery on Robert."

Meanwhile, Nick Heidfeld is due to test for Renault on Saturday in Jerez with team Eric Boullier saying on Friday that the race seat was his if everything went to plan.

The experienced German will try the R31 before he hands over to Bruno Senna on Sunday.

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