Where is your car most likely to be stolen?

CarsWe've all walked away from our car at one time or another, wondering whether it's the last time we will see it. When we discover that the only available parking space is in a quiet road in a dodgy area, under a broken lamp, we've silently said good bye to the family car.

However, a new survey shows that these may not be the places we need to worry about the most. So where is your car most likely to be stolen?

Danger lurks in Chelsea
The unlikely answer, from Admiral, is posh postcodes. They looked into car thefts in London, and found the exclusive spot of Chelsea was the place where you are most likely to have your car pinched.

A similar survey by Findaproperty looked into those postcodes where your car is most likely to be broken into, and again a posh postcode took the top spot- Belgravia.

So what does this mean?
One clear sign is that car thieves are willing to travel, and target those areas they expect to find the cars where they can steal to order. If you live in a salubrious neighbourhood, therefore, it's worth taking every safety precaution that you would anywhere else.

However, the rest of the places on these lists mean you're not better off leaving your car in that deserted backstreet on the wrong side of town.

Dodgy end of town
The FindaProperty list said the next most likely places for a break in were Finsbury Park, West Kensington and Vauxhall. As a former resident of one of these charming parts of town I can safely say that this comes as no surprise at all. I remember watching a group of kids roll a car into the middle of the road and set fire to it, wondering as I called the police whether it was possible to get out of my tenancy agreement.

The Admiral list found the next most common place for car thefts were East Ham, Banstead and Dagenham. Again as a former resident of one of them, this isn't a huge shock. If your evenings are punctuated by the sound of joy riders being chased down narrow Victorian streets by police cars, the rate of car thefts is unlikely to come as a huge shock. I remember trying to report my car being broken into and the police saying I'd need to come to the police station to report car crime, or they'd spend all day every day on it.

Professional criminals stealing to order may be the scourge of posh postcodes, but in general you're far more likely to suffer car crime from a joy rider, or a kid who is prepared to smash your side window for the 50p left on the back seat.

So what do you think? What is car crime like in your area? Let us know in the comments.
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