Ryanair passenger 'mutiny': is it time to slash its baggage fees?

Let's face it, it was only a matter of time before the public made a stand against Ryanair's extortionate excess baggage fees.

Over 150 passengers were removed from a Ryanair flight in Spain after a fight broke out over the issue.

Spanish newspaper, La Provincia, said the drama ensued when the airline tried to charge one passenger for carry-on baggage, and his friends on the plane 'mutinied'.

The pilot was preparing for takeoff at Guacimeta airport in Lanzarote for Charleroi, Belgium, when she radioed for police assistance.

Of the 168 passengers that were removed from the flight, only 64 were allowed to re-board.

The rest had to find other airlines to fly them out, or stayed the night in Lanzarote.

Ryainair has confirmed that passengers became "disruptive and refused to comply with crew instructions" after being asked to pay a gate bag fee "for outsized luggage."

While a revolt isn't necessarily the right stand to take, it does beg the question: should Ryanair listen to public opinion and reduce their excess baggage fees?

Have you had enough of Ryanair's baggage fees? Do you have any tips to avoid having to shell out? We want your opinions!

(Please note: Picture is unrelated to the incident).
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