Take three shopping holidays: where to save £££s

Simone Kane

The sales might be over, but we can still make huge savings on those sought-after items – especially after the recent hike in VAT. Simply shop around and buy abroad, says recent research by travel search site Skyscanner.

Here are three key items on which you can save – and you get a break into the bargain!

1. Every Apple aficionado is clamouring for the must-have iPad – with predictions that sales are set to double this year. Buy the 16GB model with WiFi in the UK and it'll cost you around £439 from apple.com/uk. Jump on a cheap flight to New York and hit the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, and you could save up to 29% when you pick one up for the equivalent of just £313.

2. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Tiffany's classic Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant will be in big demand. Bag yourself a deal if you're in Orlando, Florida, where the Tiffany outlet store is selling off this signature piece of jewellery for the equivalent of £374. Buy in the Bond Street branch in London and you'll be paying top price at £485.

3. Okay, love them or hate them, there's no denying that UGG boots are still alive and kicking, so to speak. Head to Australia, the home of the UGG, and you could save up to 46% on the £170-plus you'll pay here – in Oz you can pick up a pair for the equivalent of about £78.

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