Superbowl advert shows off new Mercedes SLS convertible

Mercedes revealed a glimpse of the new SLS roadster in an advert which ran during last night's Super Bowl.

The full 1 minute 40 seconds advert culminates with four of the latest models in the Mercedes range emerging from a garage to join a collection of the brand's vehicles from past to present.
Alongside the convertible SLS, there was also a brief glimpse of the new C Class coupe. Both models are obscured by the recently unveiled SLK and CLS63 AMG, but we get to see the top and front end of both cars.

The SLS cabriolet is set to appear towards the end of this year, with a possible debut tabled for the Frankfurt motor show in the autumn.

The C Class coupe however, should make its debut at the Geneva show at the beginning of March. It is set to replace both the CLK and the CLC.

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