Coulthard opens Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Leisure Show

Is the BBC not paying David Coulthard enough to be one of the voices of Formula One? I ask this as I've just received news that he's officially opened The Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Leisure Show today.

Just as I begin to think he's done it for the money, every ounce of coolness dribbles away with the announcement that the 13-time Grand Prix winner is in fact a Caravan Club member.

He's serious about his love of caravanning too, taking time to show off his maneuvering skills to assembled crowds at the show, and said, "Motorhomes have been an integral part of my life in Formula One, a home from home whether I am in the UK, Monaco or anywhere in the world. I have had the pleasure to stay in many different makes and models, some of which are the height of luxury!

"I used to have my own for holidaying too, the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of F1, and slip away to a peaceful spot in the countryside. Whatever your hobbies, interests or passions caravanning is a great way to pursue them."

I'm shocked to the core with these revelations, but I can remember in F1 days that Coulthard and Jenson Button were F1's most famous caravanning pair, parking together at races.

But, if you want racing and caravans, then we reckon this is how to mix the two. Click on the video below for more.

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