Romantic gadgets for your Valentine

Caroline Cassidy

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and the shops are already filled with hearts, flowers and other tokens of love. But if you're bored with the usual roses, chocolates and teddies, it's worth considering an alternative Valentine's gift.

Why not treat your partner with something a little different? We take a look at the romantic gadgets on the market.

Heart-shaped pastry case
Heart-shaped pastry case

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Sun Jar - £12.99
Candles are a regular feature if you're looking to create a romantic setting but the Sun Jar makes for a novel alternative. This frosted glass jar holds a solar cell and LED light. Simply leave the Sun Jar near a window or a good source of artificial light and it collects the energy - once evening sets in, it emits a warm, ambient glow, similar to a candle. Available in three colours - Dusk, Moon and Sun - a collection of Sun Jars provides the perfect light for a romantic night.

Rose shaped cake tin - £29.95
If the love of your life is a lover of both flowers and chocolates and you can't afford both, combine the two with this novelty cake tin. The Rose Cake Tray enables you to bake 12 rose-shaped sponges packed full of your partner's favourite flavour. Not only do you get two for the price of one, but the home-made aspect is sure to be appreciated.

Double Slanket - £49.99
You've heard of the Slanket... well now there's the double Slanket made especially for two. This giant fleece features sleeves for both you and your nearest and dearest so that the two of you can snuggle together during those cold winter nights - perfect for loved up lazy days on the sofa.

Heart frying pan - £4.99
Breakfast in bed is one thing but add a heart-shaped egg to the tray and your other half will be all the more impressed. The Heart Frying Pan includes a moulded heart design specially designed to turn the humble fried egg or pancake into an edible token of affection. Why wait until evening to show your romantic side?

Romantic apps
There's an app for almost everything and that includes romance. If you're loved one is far away in foreign climes or you just can't find enough ways to show how much you care, iLoveYou, an app for iPhone, has the answer - it provides you with a translation of those three little words in over 50 languages.

Alternatively, if you don't have your very own Cyrano de Bergerac at hand, fear not - the iWrite Love Poems app will do some of the work for you. With step-by-step tips for writing a heartfelt love poem, and a guide to eight different poetry styles, you'll be able to express your feelings in a whole new (and very romantic) fashion. There's also a Sexy Poems version if you fancy spicing things up a little and, if you give up all together, the app has the ability to create a whole poem for you.