It's official: women are more adventurous holidaymakers

Women are the more adventurous sex – at least according to research conducted by the Adventure Company. Having examined its bookings over the past three years, the company found that more women than men had consistently travelled with them.

And even more impressive, women tend to opt for the more challenging itineraries to destinations such as China, Peru and Namibia, whereas men overwhelmingly choose more "well-trodden" places such as Croatia and Morocco.

Women made 82 per cent of its bookings to Jordan and 70 per cent of places to China.

And, in celebration of our intrepid spirit, the Adventure Company has teamed up with women's online travel community Thelma & Louise to offer an exclusive five per cent discount to its members.

With the opportunity to save hundreds of pounds on some of the Adventure Company's most popular trips for women – including its Salsa Cubana and Costa Rican Adventure itineraries, there's plenty to set that adventurous spirit aflame.

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