Fiat and Gulf combine to produce Abarth 500 in iconic livery

The Gulf livery is one of the most iconic in motor racing history, and continues to adorn some of the sport's most desirable cars - the Aston Martin Le Mans cars for example.

Appreciating the cars' striking nature is one thing, but owning a little supermini emblazoned with the blue and orange colours when all you are going to use it for is popping down the shops is quite another.
Granted, this Fiat 500 is the Abarth version and boasts a boost in power to around 158bhp from the standard Abarth's 130bhp, but there is no lairy bodykit or styling tweak to differentiate this from the Fiat 500s so beloved of city dwellers.

All you need is the baseball cap and bomber jacket to complete the fanboy look.

Thankfully the car is just a limited edition, and is only available in Luxembourg, where Fiat is asking around 25,000 Euros for it.
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