Video: Driver attributes life-saving reflexes to video games

It's one of the clichés of the gaming fraternity that all that button pushing and joystick waggling is gradually nurturing the kind of split-second reactions usually the preserve of fighter pilots and table tennis champions.

While that can usually be dismissed as a compensatory excuse for all the calories they're conspicuously failing to burn while on the sofa, one driver from the States did cite computer games as the reason for his quick reflex swerve when a truck jack-knifed across the road ahead of him.

Jack-knifed lorry – pah, you may think, obvious from a distance it's going to happen. Well, not when it's coming through the central reservation of the motorway and you're in the adjacent lane. Click the link below to see what happened. We're limbering up before we turn the office Xbox on for some practice.
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