Toyota recalls 19,000 cars in UK to carry out fuel system repairs

Just over a year after Toyota was forced to issue a set of global recalls related to accelerator problems, the company has issued another, this time related to the fuel systems of two of its cars.

The Toyota Avensis and the Lexus IS 250 are both affected, with 15,500 Avensis models and 3,100 IS250s set to head back to the dealer for the work to be carried out.
It is the Avensis 2.0-litre and 2.4-litre petrols that were produced between July 2000 and September 2008 that will need work doing, with two concerns that need addressing. The fuel pipe is said to be prone to develop cracks over a period of time, while insufficient tightening of the fuel pump valve is also said to be a problem. In the worst case scenario, this could cause fuel to leak out, but Toyota has said there have been no recorded accidents so far.

The Lexus has been said to suffer from a problem with the fuel pressure sensor, with the official statement saying: "Due to possible insufficient tightening, the fuel pressure sensor could loosen and in very rare cases fuel could leak."

Again there have been no reported accidents, and the work will take between one and four hours to complete, while the Avensis job will take from two to four and a half hours. All the work will be completed free of charge, and Toyota will contact affected owners.
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