Insurance company lets parents watch their children behind the wheel

If passing your driving test meant you thought you could finally escape from the disapproving eye of your parents while behind the wheel, then you may have to think again.

A camera that allows parents to watch their children behind the wheel has proved a big hit, and one insurance company is endorsing the product to the extent that they are giving it away free to their policy holders.
The two-way camera, which also records sounds, is placed on the rear-view mirror and captures images of the road ahead and the driver.

It doesn't capture every movement of the driver's journey though, with makers DriveCam saying that it instead records the ten seconds before and after an erratic movement so parents can assess what happened at crucial moments of danger.

The insurance company that is offering the kit for free, American Family Insurance said: "The Teen Safe Driver Program reduces risky driver behaviour by 70 percent according to an independent review by the University of Iowa."

The footage is sent off to analysts, who assess the tapes and offer driving advice, while parents are encouraged to log in once a week to discuss the footage with their children.

Thankfully for British teens, the offer is only available in America at the moment, but over-protective mothers the world over will be boosted by the news.

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