Clarkson's Scouser gags attract complaints

Another series of Top Gear means another set of complaints about the actions or gags is sure to follow, and it is last Sunday's episode's jokes about Liverpudlians that has got viewers voicing their displeasure this time.

Those who watched the show will have seen comedian John Bishop smash the fastest time for the 'Star in a reasonably priced car' section of the show, prompting Jeremy Clarkson to quip: "Where does a man from Liverpool learn to drive that fast in somebody else's car?"
Bishop joined in the gag, by laughing and replying: "I've no idea, that's just genetics that is."

The show later finished with a shot of a Porsche 911 Turbo up on bricks with its wheels removed, whereupon James May said: "I told you not to bring somebody from Liverpool on this show."

Of the six million people that watched the show, 33 complained to the BBC about the jokes. It is a small number compared to the numbers that have complained about some of the show's more controversial moments.

Their comments about lorry drivers killing prostitutes in 2008 attracted 300 complaints, while the trio were also criticised for wearing burkas in this year's Christmas special.
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