I see dead people... and they're heating the pool

Having just received a home fuel bill that would pay off the national debt of a small Central African republic, I'm all up for energy saving ideas.

We have double glazing and all the insulation we could ever need and having waded through all the price comparison sites on the weekend, once you get down to the basic idea of paying monthly by direct debit, there's little between the providers. It's the actual unit cost of electricity and gas which is the problem, not the way you pay your bills.

So it's a matter of finding alternatives. Solar heating has been around a while and is gaining ground as its price drops, as is the use of photo-voltaic cells for electricity. And for big projects, like the billionaires' block of flats at One Hyde Park, the use of ground source heating through geo-thermal pumps is also being introduced.

But what if you could find something completely different to keep your home warm? Like the heat generated from an incinerator as it burns dead bodies?

Don't laugh, it could become a reality as Redditch Borough Council in Worcestershire is looking to save a massive £14,500 of its annual bill for heating the local swimming pool by plugging into a nearby crematorium.

Greener way of heating the pool

And why not? The heat generated, which reaches 800 degrees Celsius (1472F) is currently just heating the atmosphere. So it's certainly a greener way of heating the pool albeit a little spooky.

I imagine it will help a few leisure swimmers to cut their lap times significantly just so they can get out of the water.

One local undertaker says people may flinch at the idea of swimming in a pool heated by the warmth created as their loved one is committed to the eternal flame. From an undertaker, I find this squeamishness a little out-of-character, particularly when his role faces a whole new dimension and he'll become like the coal-man of days gone by.

Some people just can't see the broader picture.

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