Poll reveals UK's slowest broadband speed

Caroline Cassidy

It's not an accolade that many would be proud of but a recent survey has announced that a Canterbury street holds the unenviable record of the UK's slowest broadband speed.

The slowest broadband speed in the UK is in Canterbury, Kent
The slowest broadband speed in the UK is in Canterbury, Kent

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The average download speed for residents of Railway Hill is 0.13Mb. To put that in perspective, the figure is 50 times slower than average and at that speed, downloading a movie takes a very tedious two days.

The figures, compiled by Top10.com, were taken from one million speed tests carried out on its site. While the average is 6.21Mb, Railway Hill (closely followed by Tewkesbury Road in Clacton-on-Sea with 0.14Mb) was far behind.

Alex Buttle, director of Top10.com, told the Daily Mail: "With average download speeds only marginally faster than dial-up, Railway Hill in Kent has really hit the buffers.

"Given that we're now in 2011 and elsewhere in the country people are enjoying download speeds in the high double digits, this is simply unacceptable and reinforces the broadband lottery that currently reigns in the UK."

In fact, so variable are broadband speeds in the UK that the Advertising Standards Authority is expected to launch an investigation into the accuracy of the claims made by internet service providers, many of whom make bold statements about speeds and unlimited usage.

Mr Buttle added: "Broadband providers need to do all they can to ensure such cripplingly slow speeds are rectified and that these streets of shame are brought into the 21st century as soon as possible."

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