Monte Carlo Historic Rally comes to Waltham Abbey

Yes, you did read the title right, the historic town of Waltham Abbey in the South East has been named as the only official stop in the UK for the competitors in The Monte Carlo Historic Rally (Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique).

This event, which starts at 6:30pm on Thursday 27th January from Blythswood Square in Glasgow, Scotland, will finish six-days later on Wednesday 2nd February in Monaco.
The Cornmill Car Park has room for 70 vehicles and this will be where the cars will rest, but drivers and co-drivers will enjoy refreshments from council staff and local volunteers at the Waltham Abbey Town Hall.

But if you want to see classics such as Ford Escort RS2000s, Datsun 240Zs and Mini Coopers, you'll have to stay up late. In the true tradition of the sport, night driving is part and parcel of rallying and the competitors are expected in deepest Essex between 1 and 7am on Friday 28th.
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