Video: Aston Martin Rapide, take two

The first instalment of the Aston Martin Rapide video had us watching through our fingers, but not in the way that Aston would have hoped.

This second episode is just as cringeworthy sadly, although not for the same reasons as the first. Gone is the stilted dialogue and in comes a series of poorly lit shots of agents going about their job at the dead of night. But the worst part comes about three quarters of the way through.
One of our 'heroes' is stood in a generic warehouse checking his phone (on Facebook probably, he seems to be on his break) when four bad guys come in. Without a word being exchanged they set to him and try and beat him up. But it seems it is not just Sean Connery's Bond who was able to fight a group of baddies one-by-one – rather than ganging up on the agent they patiently wait their turn to get decked.

The short is almost saved by the shots of the Rapide driving through a series of tunnels, but we really hope the rest of the video is a spoof.

Even if it is, we still feel this is the sort of thing that Aston Martin shouldn't be getting involved in – leave the quirky advertising to the mainstream manufacturers.

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