Video: Audi RS3 goes drifting

Since the RS3 was revealed we've been looking forward to seeing it doing it what it does best – be awesome. Thankfully Audi has indulged us and sent it drifting.

No static shots here, just lots of sideways RS3 action and even some aural stimulation from its 335bhp 2.5-litre turbocharged five cylinder engine. In case you're wondering – it'll hit 62mph in 4.6seconds (that's V8 R8 territory, if you didn't know already) and is limited to 155mph. Audi's latest rocket only comes in five door Sportback trim, too – if you want two doors you'll have to go for a TT RS.

It'll set you back £39,900, should you want to own the ultimate hot hatch. Or should that be superhatch? Click below to see the video.
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