Gordon Murray's T.27 city car passes crash test

The T.27 Electric City car, built using Gordon Murray Design's iStream manufacturing technology, has passed its first crash test.

The car underwent the mandatory EEC 40% offset deformable barrier front high speed impact test and got through with no cabin intrusion at all.

Being such a small car, the result is a triumph for the iStream manufacturing process, which promises low weight and improved safety levels. iStream brings Formula One tech to the roads thanks to its monocoque composite structure and higher energy absorption rates than 'normal' cars.

Frank Coppuck, Gordon Murray Design's Engineering Director said: "This crash test represents a major milestone in vehicle safety and in the history of Gordon Murray Design. It clearly demonstrates that cars built using iStream technology can achieve low weight, cost and significant reductions in energy usage during manufacturing without compromising safety."

The T.27 will continue prototype development, with further prototypes being developed for spring this year.
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