F1 commentator Coulthard can keep Red Bull ties says BBC

Things just get better and better for David Coulthard. Not only has he helped to oust the BBC's Jonathan Legard out of the F1 commentary box but he can carry on his lucrative contract with his old buddies at Red Bull.

"David Coulthard will not be asked to drop or suspend his ties with Red Bull in the interests of impartiality," a BBC spokesman told Scotland's Sunday Mail.
"We have always been aware of this off-air relationship, which has been the case for the last two years and will continue to manage this editorially to ensure that the relationship doesn't compromise the output."

Whatever the rights or wrongs of Coulthard's inclusion in the commentary team, we can't help but think that Auntie might have told Legard to sling his hook if he'd turned up in the office waving a Red Bull contract while insisting he'd still be as impartial as ever.

Sure, politics is all part of the F1 paddock and media folk need to keep on the right side of Bernie, the teams, drivers, etc so perhaps Coulthard can use his access to some effect. But just like the 'no team orders' rule that was exposed last season, are fans just expected to ignore yet another elephant in the room?
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