Organic milk is 'healthier', say scientists

It almost certainly has its sceptics but according to scientists there is something to be said for organic produce - new research has suggested that organic milk is better for you than the average supermarket pint.

Young woman drinking milk
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Scientists at Newcastle University have been diligently analysing milk over the past two years and come to the conclusion that organic milk boasts a much healthier profile than its more ordinary counterpart.

The researchers tested 22 full-fat brands of which roughly half were organic. Though the overall fat content was similar for each bottle of the white stuff, the organic varieties revealed fewer "bad fats" and higher levels of "healthy fats".

In fact, levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which offer a healthy boost to heart and body, were up to 60 per cent higher in organic milk.

Reporting in the Journal of Dairy Science, the researchers suggested that this health boost could be down to the high grass content enjoyed by organically-fed animals giving rise to a more nutritious product.

But if the price of organic milk is putting you off, think again - it's not always the pricey options that are the most nutritious.

Lead research Gillian Butler said: "We were surprised to see obvious differences in the conventional brands, with the more expensive ones not necessarily the better.

"Brands which promote their suppliers as wholesome and grazing on fresh pastures actually sold milk that appeared to be from very intensive farms with very low reliance on grass... The reputable retailers weren't necessarily better than the cheaper shops."

Unfortunately, the brands in question were not named and shamed but the researchers said they would have a quiet word to suggest how they could improve their product.

What do you think? Do you insist on organic produce or are you sceptical about the benefits? Leave your comments below...
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