Author sells shares in himself online

Picture of author Cathal MorrowAuthor Cathal Morrow has come up with a great fund raising idea - he's going to sell shares in himself as Me Me Me plc, as long as he can raise the money to float. He's going to retain 30% - which technically wouldn't give him a controlling stake in himself.
He admits the chances of success are limited. "It could happen," he says of a successful flotation. "It's more likely that it won't, but if we get George Clooney on board it could happen".

May be potty

He admits he may be "a bit potty" and of course he's doing this tongue in cheek; there is a point being made at the same time, though. There is a cult of "me, me, me", he believes, and people don't always take responsibility for themselves.

"I used to be a salesman and to sell things I'd just think, OK, I'm going to lie," he explains. "A lot of people do the same, it's what we saw in the banking crisis and elsewhere."

The idea of Me Me Me plc is that people will buy into Morrow and nothing else. He is writing a book, "Yes We Kant", on an experiment in which he didn't tell a single lie for a year (and for which he managed to get corporate sponsorship.


He isn't the first person to sell on the strength of personality - authors have floated the rights to their works before and David Bowie famously got the idea moving with his "Bowie Bonds" in 1997.

It wouldn't be legal for someone to sell themselves as an individual so technically Me Me Me plc shareholders will buy a signed photo of Morrow and will get shares thrown in for nothing. He is charging £10 a share - sorry, photo - and hopes to reach £300,000.

Scoff if you want - but a handful of people have started buying.

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