Video: Aston Martin's online film is shaky, not stirring

Aston Martin has been generally regarded as the type of hyper-cool brand which doesn't need to chase young and hip audiences with catchy advert jingles or nodding dogs – normally a copy of the most recent Bond flick will suffice on the marketing front.

But it would appear that the bosses at the luxury manufacturer can't wait until autumn 2012 for the next 007 instalment. Either that or Daniel Craig is not up for the idea of driving around in a four-seater saloon, as the company has released the first part of a series of internet-based videos promoting the Rapide.
It focuses on four agents delivering a precious commodity (time) to a mystery figure. The director, Donnie Masters of Serious Pictures, said: "It's an action-packed Aston Martin story in three parts, designed to entertain our audience. We're not hard selling, we're showcasing. After all it is the thinking man's (and woman's) performance car."

After a quick chat, where they discuss the order in which they are going to die if something goes wrong (yep – seriously), they get into the car. Curiously, there's no microphone in the Rapide so we don't get to hear the two large men in the back complaining about the tiny amount of leg and head room they've got.

The attempt appears to mark Aston's clumsy entry into social media as a 'new' form of advertising, although we can't imagine that many people who 'Like' the Rapide on Facebook will ever be able to afford one. Stick to product placement in glamorous films we say and leave this sort of thing to the mainstream manufacturers who can afford to get it wrong.

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